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We are pleased and proud that both our Elite team, and through it, this site are supported by the partners whose links can be found by clicking on the image above.

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- Correspondent-uploaded news and views: mail us if you want to be able to upload articles directly
- E Commerce that will let you buy from your local retailer via the net - whether they have their own website or not
- New database which will have a fully updated set of listings and more sophisticated search facility - this will also be bought in with a fully re-designed site reflecting the fact that this one hasn't really changed in 4 or 5 years!

Other Stuff that Matters
Cycling is great buy not always the most convenient mode of transport, especially in cities. Sometimes electric scooters (find the best one at Scooter Guide) can be a better option if traffic is particularly heavy or you just want to switch it up.
CyTech training for mechanics, neutral service for races and mechanical assistance on charity rides. Accreditation currently availablr via our partners at pjcs-online.co.uk
Professional Mechanical Services

The most significant initiative in the british cycle industry ever:

Click on the image to see information about CyTech mechanics qualification, and how CyTech will soon be providing a benchmark for all independant cycle retailers.

British Cycling launch Everydaycycling.com - British Cycling enter into the bicycle portal fray!